Foreclosure home inspection questions answered at La Grange home inspection.

August 3rd, 2010

Buying a foreclosed home?  This article is about a home inspection I performed in La Grange, Illinois.  We specialize in these types of home inspections and this article will tell you why.  The most important thing you must do prior to scheduling your home inspection is to make sure the owner either has the utilities on or that they will allow them to be turned on.  This is very important and if you try to do a home inspection without the utilities on you are taking on a big risk.  Why do I say that?  Let’s talk about what utilities need to be turned on.

The first and most important is the plumbing.  Period!  The water supply lines and waste lines are winterized in the central and northern areas of the United States.  That means that the water supply lines have been shut down, drained and supposedly blown out.  The waste lines have had anti-freeze poured into the traps of the home.  We find that 90% of the time that the winterizing has not been done correctly on foreclosed homes and there is broken water supply piping in the walls.  These leaks or breaks are generally in the area near the water supply for the toilet.  The rest of the home can have issues, but the probability is the break or leak is near the toilet.  The water had to be turned on at the La Grange home inspection.  The majority inspectors will not do this.  I do not blame them.  That is protocol for our standards of practice here in Illinois.  My clients are able to enjoy the fact that we can turn on the water because I’m a licensed plumber and plumbing contractor.  (License# pl194988)   This aids my client because when we do find issues, the underwriter for the mortgage company wants repair costs from a licensed plumber.

The other utilities also need to be turned on.  The gas if you have that in your area and the electric.  We generally never see that the electric has been shut down.  The gas service on the other hand has been shut down and there are major hurtles sometimes to get it turned on.  The reason is because if people are not paying their mortgage they probably are not paying their utility bills.

So to summarize this article, I would make sure that either you the buyer or your realtor has contact with the bank, utility companies and a quality home inspection company so that you can make this procedure easy as possible.

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La Grange home inspection delivers a “yes” for the question of home inspection or not.

June 12th, 2010

La Grange home inspection gives thumbs up to home inspections for home buyers and even home sellers.  In today’s financial climate people are looking to cut where they can.  Home buyers and home sellers sometimes choose to opt out of the home inspection process due to money.  This can be a big mistake! When you take in to account that there can be issues in the homes integrity that can cost you thousands of dollars.  Generally, the cost of a quality home inspection can cost a 10th of a 10th of 1% of the cost of the home!

The La Grange home inspection was performed on a 90 year old home that would always be in need of repairs to keep the home in good working order.  Older homes need to have a maintenance program and financial allocation set up to prevent minor issues developing into major issues.  Generally, I advise my clients to allocate at least $1000.00 – $2500.00 a year for repairs and if not spent that year put into savings for when major items need replacement.

The home inspection in La Grange had 1 major issue that could have cost my clients thousands of dollars if they opted out of the home inspection process.  The furnace seemed to be in good working order but with further evaluation I found that the firebox had a crack in it from water issues from a leaking a-coil pan.  The cost to repair the furnace was approximately $3500.00.  You can see other repair costs at~

If you have questions on what to look for in a home inspector contact us at~


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June 6th, 2010

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